Serpentarium Mundi by Alexei Alexeev The Ancient Ophidian Iconography Resource (Mundus Vetus, 3000 BC - 650 AD)
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HELP SERPENTARIUM MUNDI realize its strategic vision of becoming the best ancient ophidian iconography resource in the world!

Your contribution will also help realize the strategic mission of IconoGravity™, an educational venture owned and operated by Alexei Alexeev, which seeks to be an expert, innovative, and sustainable enterprise providing the Specialized On-Line Iconography Database™ (SOLID™) as a digital service to the global academic community, including institutions and individual researchers, as well as the general public.

Making a donation to Serpentarium Mundi represents a remarkable acknowledgement of the value of this initiative.

Serpentarium Mundi is interested in receiving support from the public and from private foundations.

Serpentarium Mundi is also seeking committed corporate sponsors of different varieties: title, general, official, technical, participating, and informational. Your name, logo, and link to your main communication platform will appear prominently on every page you sponsor. This is a chance to receive exposure on what will become one of the the most popular iconography websites in the world.

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Monthly donors provide Serpentarium Mundi with an important source of support that allows us to steadily expand our specialized iconography database, improve our services, and deliver this innovative educational platform effectively.

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Thank you to all past, present, and future contributors to the Serpentarium Mundi initiative!
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Donors who contribute $1,000 or more over a two-year period are publicly acknowledged on the Serpentarium Mundi website. Here's the list of our major donors:

Sergei Panasiuk Repeat Donor 2022 Toronto, Canada
Sergei Panasiuk Repeat Donor 2021 Toronto, Canada
Sergei Panasiuk Repeat Donor 2020 Toronto, Canada
Polina Vinogradova Repeat Donor 2019 Ottawa, Canada
Anonymous Benefactor Repeat Donor 2018 Ottawa, Canada
Anonymous Benefactor Repeat Donor 2017 Ottawa, Canada
Anonymous Benefactor Repeat Donor 2016 Ottawa, Canada

I want to personally thank you for your continued interest in our work and your financial support,

Alexei Alexeev

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